BACKYARD is an independent brand born in Italy out of the intuition of two old friends. The idea wants to turn into something concrete their passions: jewels and streetwear. Everything began years ago in a backyard, where one of them set-up a rough workshop and started to craft the first rings. That’s where the brand’s name comes from.

Nowadays, BACKYARD becomes the ambitious and challenging project of creating high-quality jewels through the employment of nobles metals such as 925 Sterling Silver, Gold and natural gemstones.  The production is still run in a small artisan workshop, where the two founders embrace the street culture to get inspiration for the designs of their jewels. Industrial architecture, music and people play a crucial role in this process.

BACKYARD’s timeless pieces are designed to be worn and paired differently according to the style of the person who wears them, enriching his/her personality. Furthermore, the modern yet classic lines are completely gender neutral. During the designing phase, indeed, all the jewels’ proportions are studied to ensure stylish wearability both on men and women.