FAQs & Recommendations

Listed below, some of the major FAQs:

All our products are realized from scratch for every single customer, therefore we estimate up to 21 days to get your BACKYARD realized and shipped.

As a best practice  we recommend you to go to your local jeweler and get your fingers measured precisely in order to avoid inaccuracy with sizes. However, always make sure to have a look at our sizing guide before choosing an item.

We want to be as closed as possible to our customers, therefore you can return your item if the ring’s size is wrong. Please read our Shipping & Returns policy for further info.


We recommend you to use a cloth for jewels to clean your BACKYARD. Leave the items in their packaging or in any jewels box when you don’t use them. Due to its composition, it is possible (normal) that 925 Sterling Silver gets scratched and tarnished over time.

Avoid to use your BACKYARD when exercising, swimming or showering. Avoid direct contact with chemical products such as creams, perfumes and similar.

We employ 925 Sterling Silver, 9k and 18k Gold and natural Gemstones.


Backyard is continuously seeking for improvements listening and welcoming customers feedbacks. Write us!